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from the nme.com homepage. the album didn't already leak, did it?

The Vines unveil details of third album
The Aussie rockers return
The Vines' long-awaited third album is to be called 'Vision Valley' and will be released in April.

The follow-up to 2004's 'Winning Days' was delayed while frontman Craig Nicholls came to terms with being diagnosed with the rare condition Aspergers Syndrome. With professional assistance, Nicholls has responded well to his treatment.

The group began recording in September 2005 in a Sydney studio with Australian producer Wayne Connolly. The album which resulted is out on April 4.

The tracklisting for 'Vision Valley' is:

'Nothin's Comin''
'Candy Daze'
'Vision Valley'
'Don't Listen To The Radio'
'Gross Out'
'Take Me Back'
'Going Gone'
'Fuk Yeh'
'Dope Train'
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