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Get Free (Sessions @ AOL) [29 Jan 2007|01:05pm]

I bet many of you have seen the version of Get Free played by The Vines in Sessions @ AOL, January 30th 2004. I just ripped the song and uploaded it if someone wants to hear it.

Go here.

Just in case someone hasn't seen the vid..

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demos? [25 Jan 2007|05:40am]

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any Vines demos (Zen, A#, 301, or any others) that they would be willing to share with me. If you could upload a .zip file of them to something like sendspace.com for me I would appreciate it. I can trade for albums that are on this list: http://cd-tracker.com/item_list_v2.asp?UserId=20884&order_by=
I also have some of the Zen demos and printemps de bourges live videos and mp3s that aren't on my cd tracker.
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The Vines Icons (Most Animated) - 8 [01 Nov 2006|04:46pm]

Please visit my *NEW* Icon Journal, i_lindsay_con for icons and feel free to add me.

All the rules and fun stuff on taking my icons can be found there.

The following icons have been made using various graphics found on the internet and my own video footage.

* The Vines (most animated)

Credit for Brushes on Icon 03 go to pr0sthetix


01. 02. 03.

(More Icons + 8)
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Another Video From The Vines 2004 Melbourne Concert... [05 Oct 2006|08:22pm]

[ mood | content ]

I have another clip from the 2004 Melbourne Vines concert. This one is of Craig coming on stage. And if you have a You Tube account, then please subscribe to my videos as I still have a few more Vines clips to add :)

Also, if you wish to add me as a friend (I've just started a new LJ) then feel free to. It'll be good to get to know some fellow Vines fans :)

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The Vines Video Clip - Craig Nichols [02 Oct 2006|05:20pm]

Hey there everyone! I have finally just signed up to You Tube, and I have started to up load to videos that I took on my phone at a Vine concert back in 2004 in Melbourne.

This is my first one of Craig at the end of the concert, trashing the drum kit. The quality isn't that good, but it's pretty chill anyway. Let me know what you think :)

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[19 Sep 2006|08:55pm]

i met craig, i met craig.
he was pretty
and he was excited.
i met craig.
anyone else go to the recent shows in australia?
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[22 May 2006|03:12am]


Check me out on myspace!

of course this is not real but good fun. (by me)
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Check out this recent photo of Craig. [07 May 2006|12:53am]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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[15 Apr 2006|12:03am]

Shiteload of Craig/Vines-icons has been posted @ my icon-journal.

1. 2.

The rest can be found at ohyezzums

Credit if taking, and also: feedback's seckz.

(obviously this post has been x-posted like kerrayzee)

[08 Apr 2006|01:09am]

If your community is anti-promo whore, you have my sincere apologies.
Have you been incapacitated by a longing to bond with other people over a shared love of music? Well, look no further. We at the newly-created Youth Group Forum are experiencing a disturbing shortage of members and are desperate for you to join. Our forum offers the unique opportunity to mingle with other charismatic Youth Group fans and discuss pretty much anything your heart desires. We also have cake. Well, we don’t have cake but you should join anyways. We would be happy to have you. :)

title or description

Cross-posted pretty much everywhere.
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[28 Mar 2006|08:38pm]

I'm not sure if anyone's aware yet,
but all of vision valley is up here

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vvv [25 Mar 2006|11:06am]

so. what do you think of the new album?

which song is your favourite? mine is Take Me Back and Dope Train.
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[20 Mar 2006|05:55pm]

a track review from thisisfakediy

it's positive. opinions on the comments made in this review?
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[14 Mar 2006|05:41pm]

78th Annual Academy Awards
Leonardo DiCaprio
Dawn Of The Dead
The Vines
Panic! At The Disco
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Prison Break

Credit and comment please, feedbacks sexual.


The rest can be found at my icon journal.
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again from nme.com [05 Mar 2006|07:07pm]

Craig Nicholls breaks his silence over Aspergers diagnosis
As The Vines return, their frontman opens up
Vines frontman Craig Nicholls has broken his silence over his diagnosis with Aspergers Syndrome, as the band return to action.

On the eve of the release of third album 'Vision Valley' , Nicholls told the Observer how he was diagnosed with the condition after a series of erratic live performances.

"I think it's a mild case that I have," he said. "I remember when I was 15, I spoke to a couple of psychologists. But I don't think they diagnosed me with anything. So. Maybe it grew. Maybe it became more intense when I started in the band. But I'm not really sure."

Of the decision to continue the band as a largely studio-based project, he said: "I feel comfortable writing songs. It's a good outlet for me. Seeing as though I'm not that social, it's a way to communicate."

Nicholls also revealed that he gave up smoking marijuana nine months ago. "It just fit with my personality," he said. "I never drank alcohol. (Smoking) was just the thing I did. It made me calm. But it started not making me calm at all. It made me edgy, so it wasn't good."

Nicholls also hinted that it was likely that The Vines could be back to play shows in the UK at some point this year, but that nothing is confirmed.

'Vision Valley' is released on April 3 through Heavenly , preceded by a single 'Gross Out' on March 21.
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nme.com [22 Feb 2006|11:31pm]

from the nme.com homepage. the album didn't already leak, did it?

The Vines unveil details of third album
The Aussie rockers return
The Vines' long-awaited third album is to be called 'Vision Valley' and will be released in April.

The follow-up to 2004's 'Winning Days' was delayed while frontman Craig Nicholls came to terms with being diagnosed with the rare condition Aspergers Syndrome. With professional assistance, Nicholls has responded well to his treatment.

The group began recording in September 2005 in a Sydney studio with Australian producer Wayne Connolly. The album which resulted is out on April 4.

The tracklisting for 'Vision Valley' is:

'Nothin's Comin''
'Candy Daze'
'Vision Valley'
'Don't Listen To The Radio'
'Gross Out'
'Take Me Back'
'Going Gone'
'Fuk Yeh'
'Dope Train'
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[22 Feb 2006|10:18pm]

Hello. I don't know if community-promoting is allowed, if not: mod, don't punish me for being a retard, hmkay? Thanks.

Well I made a new Vines-community, which I will update as much as possible, with scans, articles, news, pics, etc. So if you'd like to join, GREAT. :)


Once again, I apologize to the mod if this qualifies as spam.
And to all the Vines-fans who probably have about 38989457 of my messages from different comms in their f-list because I've been whoring this thing around like mad. xD

[22 Feb 2006|08:39am]

The video for 'Gross Out' has been added to the Videos page of the official site!

It's so spiffy. I love it.
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[18 Feb 2006|01:30am]

[ mood | blah ]

People really need to be updateing more. HOW LONG HAVE WE WAITED!? and stilll no one is saying anything...

Well I'll say what I know 
 The title is Vision Vally
There is going to be a video for Groos out soon
The web site has been updated like 3 times in the past week.
Patrick is not on the album at all
They out new videos on the video section of the offical site in cluding the allternate OUTTATHEWAY (the one with the swing set) Homesick and some live ones.
The realse date is April 4th in US and April 3rd everywhere else. 
gross out has been NME aprroved.

I think thats all the info I have... SHESH...

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[08 Feb 2006|10:22am]

[ mood | dorky ]

So, this has been posted on the .com forum:

NME reviews 'Don't Listen...'Collapse )

X-posted @ all_about_craig & get_free

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